Documentary Film on the Eco-efficiency Programme

The UNIDO Eco-efficiency (Cleaner Production) Programme was established as a sub-programme of the governmentally supported Spanish branch of the Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund (MDG-F) and the project “Enhancing the Capacity of Turkey to Adapt to Climate Change” was conducted 2008-20011 by the United Nations Joint Programme. The Programme was carried out by the Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV) under the coordination of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and with the consultation of Middle East Technical University (METU).

The UNIDO Eco-efficiency (Cleaner Production) Programme is based upon the fact that industrial adaptation to climate change can be accomplished through eco-efficiency (cleaner production) practices and that less resources should be used during production. In general terms the programme consists of savings in water, energy and raw materials, increases in production efficiency, improvements in product and production quality, and many other processes which aim to create environmentally friendly production, or in other words, the programme serves to promote the prealence of an approach that fosters both environmental and economical gains.

To date, the programme has completed informative, promotional and educational programs along with six pilot project demonstrations, and has procured water-savings which in particular have allowed for significant gains in environmental and economical terms.