In addition to the program’s main activities, other activities in which attendees were informed about the program are listed below:

June 2010, Netherlands

Kobe and Leiden Universities, “3rd International Conference on Eco-Efficiency”, Egmond aan Zee.

May 2010, Istanbul

Turkish Textile Dying and Finishing Industrialists’ Association, “Energy Efficiency in Industrial enterprises”

April 2010,  Ankara

METU, “Environmental Engineering Department”

April 2010

Standard Journal, “Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Production”

April 2010, İstanbul

IMES, “Seminar on energy efficiency and implementations in industries”

March 2010,

TISK, Employer Journal, “TTGV Environmental Supports and UNIDO Eco-efficiency (Cleaner Production) Programme

February 2010, Gaziantep

ITO, “Cleaner Production and Sustainable Consumption Seminar”

February 2010, Istanbul

Enterprise Europe Network, “Energy Efficiency and Finance in Industry Conference”

December 2009, Ankara

Project of Determination of the Framework Conditions and Research-Development Needs for the Dissemination of Cleaner (Sustainable) Production Applications in Turkey

November 2009, Ankara

KOSGEB, OSIAD, Environmental Activity