Eco-efficiency Training for National Experts

Under the scope of “Eco-efficiency Basic Training for national Experts” realized in 28-29 January 2010; Prof. Dr. Goksel Demirer form METU Environmental Engineering Department, Ferda Ulutas and Emrah Alkaya from TTGV, inform national experts in the fields below;

  • Frame and definition of Cleaner Production (CP) concept,
  • CP implementation in industry plants basis,
  • Basic differences between CP and end-of-pipe approaches,
  • Importance of acceptance of CP approach instead of end-of-pipe (pollution control),
  • Components of a CP project and importance of data collection in this phase,
  • Formation of environmental teams in the institutions for the realization of CP projects and policy development. Acceptance of developed environmental policies by managers and employee,
  • Waste management and recovery,
  • CP audit,
  • Pilot projects implemented within the scope of UNIDO Eco-efficiency Projects.

In the implementation part of the training called “Fun Factory” , participants both enjoy and find opportunity to implement the CP approach.

At the end of the training, certifications were given to participants.

Training photos:

Training programme